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I`m Alex, a Romanian freelancer that tries to cover all the needs of a small/medium business regarding identity and online presence. From logo design to prints, web design/development, e-commerce and (my favorite) WordPress customization, I offer great service, fast turnarounds at affordable prices.

If you`re on this page you`re probably someone I used to work with or you we`re sent by someone who was really satisfied with my services. This is currently my Romanian blog where I describe my SEO journey (yes, I also do Search Engine Optimization) but if you want to see my portfolio or if you have any kind of work proposition send me a message and I`ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually in less than 24h)

As a Romanian Freelancer I had the pleasure to work on different projects with people from all around the world, from UK, to Eastern European countries to USA and even Australia. Most of the work started from ads posted on forums or crowd/outsourcing websites, here are the links to some of my profiles, ratings and testimonials:

Thanks again for visiting my website, as a bonus here are a couple of images from my beautiful country, who knows maybe you`ll decide to visit :)

Places in Romania